Tamron Hall allegedly pulled into Jesse Jackson. Jr's messy divorce

Tamron Hall was reportedly subpoenaed by Jesse Jackson's estranged wife, Sandi Jackson, for their divorce proceedings according to multiple local Chicago media outlets.

The Chicago Tribune reported on Wednesday that Hall was among 12 people, including "Harvey strip club owner, a former restaurant hostess and bikini model and Jackson Jr.'s father, the Rev. Jesse Jackson," who had knowledge of why the Jackson's marriage deteriorated.

Additionally, the Chicago Sun Times claimes that motion was filed last week in court documents. Before coming to New York, Hall worked for WFLD-TV in Chicago until 2007.

Jackson's lawyer, Brendan Hammer told Fox News, "The merits – or lack thereof – of Ms. Jackson’s motion will be addressed exclusively in court and with transparency, clarity and honesty."

Fox News reached out to Tamron Hall and Sandi Jackson but did not receive comment.