Kendall Jenner critics lash out at model's latest honor

Kendall Jenner is slated to receive the award for Fashion Icon of the Decade at New York Fashion Week at the Daily Front Row's Fashion Media Awards.

But not everyone is happy for her. The 21-year-old only began professionally modeling six years ago. leading some people to criticize the honor.

A writer for a celebrity website lamented that while Jenner has been a staple in pop culture due to her family’s long running E! reality show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” she is not yet an "icon." 

“Iconic is Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Kate Moss. Iconic is Naomi [Campbell]. But I guess all of those ladies have already been given their Icon Crowns, because at this year’s Daily Front Row’s Fashion Media Awards, Kendall will be receiving the Fashion Icon of the Decade Award.”

Other critics took to social media to vent.

One frustrated person wrote, “decade???? she was 11 a decade ago??? have you SEEN what the [Kardashians] were wearing 10 years ago???

Another wrote on Twitter, “Kendall Jenner?? Fashion Icon?? OF A WHOLE DECADE YOU KNOW?! These awards are certainly starting to lose its value now.” While another said Rihanna should be given the award. 

Yet some came to Jenner’s defense.

“Fashion icon of the decade! this is MAJOR! proud fan here!”