DJ testifies he did not assault Taylor Swift

The man accused by Taylor Swift of sexual assault took the stand Tuesday and said their hands and arms touched but nothing else happened.

David Mueller is suing Swift for $3 million because he says he lost his job over her accusations.

Mueller was a DJ at Denver radio station KYGO when he allegedly inappropriately touched the music superstar during a meet-and-greet photo shoot before Swift's June 2013 concert.

In court documents, Swift says that while the photo was being taken Mueller "...took his hand and put it up my dress and grabbed onto my ass cheek, and no matter how much I scooted over it was still there. It was not an accident, it was completely intentional, and I have never been so sure of anything in my life."

Swift did not report the incident to police but her team contacted KYGO and Mueller was fired two days later. Two years after that, Mueller, claiming he had been blacklisted from the industry as a result of Swift's allegations, sued the singer for $3 million. A month after that, Swift counter-sued for just $1.


During testimony Tuesday, Mueller said he touched what he thought was her rib or ribcage as they posed for the photo.

"Our hands touched and our arms touched. Her hand touched mine as my hand went behind hers and hers went behind me."

He added he did notice Swift acting in any way that might show she was uncomfortable.

In earlier testimony on Tuesday, Mueller said he wanted to regain his reputation.

"I am trying to clear my name,” he said, “and I am asking for lost earnings, whatever the jury sees fit."

During opening statements Mueller's attorney, M. Gabriel McFarland, told the jury the incident that changed his client's life happened very quickly. Mueller and then-girlfriend Shannon Melcher, also a KYGO on-air personality, were ushered into a room used by Swift to take photos with fans. They introduced themselves to Swift and took the photo, with Melcher on Swift's right and Mueller on her left.

Swift later told her team Mueller touched her inappropriately.


McFarland told the jurors nothing inappropriate happened.

"David had his dream job, his girlfriend whom he loved,” the lawyer said, “and after just introducing himself to Taylor Swift...he had his hand up her skirt?"

Swift's attorney, Doug Baldrich, told the jury that's exactly what happened, saying during his opening statement the case could be summed up easily.

"A woman is assaulted, a woman reports it, and she gets sued," he said.

Baldrich reminded the jurors Swift was only asking for $1 in her counter-suit, saying her purpose was to take a stand for all women.

Alicia Acuna joined Fox News Channel (FNC) in 1997 and currently serves as a general assignment reporter based in the network's Denver bureau.