Mayim Bialik teams up with her ex-husband to break down the 'Doctor Who' controversy

There’s a lot of controversy in the geek community right now following the reveal that the new star to play the Doctor on “Doctor Who” will be a woman for the first time in the show’s decades-long history. Now, “Big Bang Theory” star Mayim Bialik is reuniting with her ex-husband to dish about the “Who” backlash.

In a post on her blog Friday, the 41-year-old star joined forces with her ex-husband Michael Stone, who is an avid “Doctor Who” fan. She wrote she hoped would help her fill in her knowledge gaps as they discussed the recent casting of Jodie Whittaker as the first female Doctor.

Many fans of the long-running series were upset at the inclusion of a female doctor. Before diving into the meat of the controversy, Stone had to first explain what was happening. For those unfamiliar, the blog post covers it well, but the main points are that “Doctor Who” is a show about a time traveling alien that has the ability to regenerate into a new form instead of dying. This is how the show has maintained its longevity since the 1960s, by recasting the main character whenever a contract is up or an actor decided to leave. It was recently announced that Whittaker would replace Peter Capaldi when the series returns.

“One of my concerns is that I worry sometimes that the current  progressive feminist movement really wants to make things equal, and equal to a point that, to me, sometimes may not logically make sense,” Bialik stated to her ex, after getting her crash course about the show. “What I mean [is], if we have Spider Man and Spider Woman are we now going to have to have Spider Person? Played by a man or a woman? Do you think that the franchise is so strong that they’re confident adding a feminist slant or is that just what we’re picking up on because that’s what’s in our culture?”

Stone said that he couldn’t comment accurately on what the creators have in mind for the show, but did share an understanding of the fandom behind it and how it likely contributed to the controversy.

“Frankly, ‘Doctor Who’ fans are particular about lots of things,” he said. “Prior to this, one of the biggest debates was that the Doctor has this tool called the sonic screwdriver and the last Doctor had what were sonic sunglasses and I definitely fell in the camp of hating the sonic sunglasses.”

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