Vinnie Jones claims his Twitter was hacked, denies posting photo of fox massacre

Former soccer player-turned-actor Vinnie Jones claimed on Monday his Twitter was hacked when a photo of dead foxes was tweeted from his account, angering animal rights activists who described it as a "massacre." 

The picture showed more than 100 foxes placed side-by-side in a square formation. The post was captioned: "A real night lamping #foxes anyone beat this?" 

The photo was deleted from his Twitter Sunday night, but it had already angered his fans and animal rights activists who described the photo as "nothing less than a massacre," according to The Telegraph


"The extermination of such a large number of foxes cannot be interpreted as simply dealing with a rogue fox problem or wildlife management," Philippa King, CEO of the League Against Cruel Sports, told The Telegraph. "Although the activity may be legal, there is no doubt it is unethical and likely totally unjustified -- as fox populations are self-regulating."

"Someone should tell Vinnie Jones the strength of a man cannot be judged by how many foxes he slaughters," a user wrote. 

"Yes, I have just unfollowed Vinnie Jones for his disgusting tweet about "Lamping" foxes. He should hang his head in shame!!" said another follower. 

Jones, who is known to also love hunting, later denied tweeting the photo and said his account was hacked. 

"I have just woke to see these tweets with fox pics , this is a hack ive never seen this pic in my life and did NOT twwet it is a HACK !!!!!" Jones tweeted. 

"I am very sorry for the distress this HACKED picture has caused everyone i DONOT condone it in anyway (sic)," he added.

"Ongoing research has shown the picture was taken in Australia AND loaded to the internet in Australia more research to follow," he later said, which some fans also tweeted at him in confirmation. 

Jones also told the Daily Mail: "It is absolutely nothing to do with me whatsoever."

"I was shaking, I’d never seen the picture, and I’d never seen that many foxes," he told the site. "That is an attack on me. I don’t know how it has got on there."


Jones was a professional British soccer player who played for AFC Wimbledon, Leeds United and Chelsea FC. He later pursued a career in acting, appearing in films including "Mean Machine," "She's the Man" and "X-Men: The Last Stand." 

Jones spoke about hunting earlier this month. 

"Lamping is probably my favorite. I've spent a lot of money on customizing my Land Rover for lamping. If the farmer has a fox problem I love going out and dealing with it for him," he told ShootingUK.