Tara Reid breaks down, seems drunk on 'Marriage Boot Camp'

tara reid we tv

Tara Reid brings the drama on season 5 of "Marriage Boot Camp."

The "Sharknado" star appears to have a breakdown in a sneak peek of the WE TV show.

"I don't like this, to me I don't think it's fair," Reid told therapist Elizabeth Carroll.

"It's my fault for letting all of this even happen," she struggled to say through her tears.

As she continues to speak with Carroll, her boyfriend Dean May whispers, "Come on Tara, stop it. Stop it."

Co-star Brittish Williams of "Basketball Wives LA" fame asked May, "Is she OK?"

May responds, "She drinks. She's the worst on alcohol...She's trainwrecking."

As Reid continues to slur her words, May mouths to her to "wrap it up."

Reid stops talking but doesn't respond well to May's advice.

"I just got told what to do again," she says as she walks away from the therapy session.

Catch Reid on "Marriage Boot Camp" Fridays on WE TV.