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Kelly Ripa rules 'Live' with an iron fist

Kelly Ripa and former co-host Michael Strahan.

Kelly Ripa and former co-host Michael Strahan.  (Reuters)

Kelly Ripa — who was blindsided by an ABC move to send her former “Live” co-host Michael Strahan to “Good Morning America”
— is making darn well sure she’s not left in the dark again on any further big decisions.

“They are now calling her ‘Queen Kelly’ ” backstage, said a source to the New York Post. “It’s like her royal court,” and everyone is being loyal and falling in line.

The insider added that the buzz at the show is that Ripa wants to be consulted on all moves at “Live” these days. “From the bookings to the comedy bits . . . It all has to beapproved or suggested by Kelly,” said a source.

The New York Post previously reported that Ripa had a “total meltdown” after it was announced by ABC that Strahan would leave and the network had waited till the eleventh hour to inform Ripa and the show’s staff.

But a spokesperson for “Live” said of Ripa’s new demand to approve everything and anything after Strahan left: “The hosts of ‘Live’ always have had major input with regard to the production of the show. This report is completely false.” Ripa’s rep didn’t get back for comment.

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