A man wearing a camouflage jumpsuit was arrested Wednesday after climbing a portion of the Hollywood sign.

The man was identified as YouTube personality Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, according to KTLA. Zdorovetskiy was seen waving a flag that read “I’m back,” but it eventually blew away.

Zdorovetskiy eventually climbed down from the “D” of the sign and was taken into custody by park rangers. Another man, who was seen running up the hill, was also arrested.

Zdorovetskiy tweeted Tuesday that he was going to film a “huge stunt” and on Thursday there would be a comeback video. However, police said Zdorovetskiy will spend at least one night in jail, which could derail his project.

“The villains missed me,” he told CBS Los Angeles, “They really missed me, the villains. And I had to show them who’s back — ‘Natural Born Pranksters.’ Nothing can stop us.”

“Natural Born Pranksters” is the movie Zdorovetskiy stars in alongside Roman Atwood and Dennis Roady.

Zdorovetskiy took photos with a few sightseers prior to his arrest.

In 2012, one of Zdorovetskiy’s most notable pranks went wrong. Zdorovetskiy and cameraman Jonathan Vengas attempted a “Russian Hitman Prank,” which involved Zdorovetskiy telling a Florida man that he had 60 seconds to get away from a briefcase he had placed on the ground.

When Zdorovetskiy revealed to the man the whole thing was a prank, the man started attacking him and Vengas. Boca Raton police arrested and charged him with threatening to detonate a bomb. That incident catapulted his viewership on Youtube to over four million subscribers.

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