'Big Bang Theory' Recap: 'The Line Substitution Solution'

Beverly (Christine Baranski) and Penny (Kaley Cuoco) share a tender moment on 'The Big Bang Theory'

Beverly (Christine Baranski) and Penny (Kaley Cuoco) share a tender moment on 'The Big Bang Theory'  (CBS Broadcasting, Inc.)

On this season's penultimate episode of “The Big Bang Theory,” Leonard’s mom Beverly (Christine Baranski) makes a visit to Pasadena, but not everyone is excited to see her.

Leonard isn’t up for 40 minutes of criticism in the car, so he convinces Penny to pick her up at the airport while he plans a guys' night out at the movies.

On the drive home, Beverly immediately begins oversharing about her son’s “intimacy issues” and quizzes his wife about ... well, whether he's had problems in the bedroom.

Meanwhile, inspired by a temporary job app, Sheldon hires Stuart to take his place on a pre-arranged shopping date with with Amy so he can stand in line for movie tickets.

He looks shocked when Stuart arrives at the theater blasting him for being a lousy boyfriend.

“You were happy to do this when I hired you. What are you upset with me now?” Sheldon asks.

“I am not upset with you,” Stuart explains, “but Amy is pretty bent out of shape, so she hired me to let you have it.”

Back at Penny’s apartment, Amy is sipping a glass of wine spilling her guts to Beverly while Penny and Bernadette prepare dinner. Penny wonders why Amy seems to have a better relationship with Beverly than she does.

When the doorbell rings, Stuart reappears, this time holding a bouquet of flowers that Sheldon has hired him to deliver along with an apology.

When the door is promptly slamed in his face, Sheldon heads back to the apartment himself, where Bernadette is trying to impress Beverly by boasting about how successful Penny is at her pharmaceutical sales job.

Sheldon arrives and delivers the world’s fastest apology before returning to stand in line. All appears to be well until a late arriver jumps the line his friends. Sheldon is not having it and confronts the long-haired Avengers fan, explaining that seating is first come first served and ordering him to the back of the line.

Sheldon's adversary refuses, sending him into a tizzy. When none of his friends will back him up, Sheldon starts shouting references to Rosa Parks, but fails to rally the rest of the crowd.

Meanwhile, another type of dispute is taking place back at Penny’s. Beverly has been showing interest in everyone besides her daughter-in-law and Penny is pissed. After a confrontation, the truth comes out:  Beverly’s hurt about the wedding snub, but wouldn’t have attended anyway. Still, Beverly says, she’s never seen her son so happy, so perhaps the marriage wasn’t a mistake after all.

Penny offers to have an intimate second wedding for family and friends, which finally meets with Bev’s approval. And just like that, we are all set up for next Thursday’s season finale.