The NCIS team is at breakfast following the funeral of Homeland Security Chief Tom Morrow when they catch a case. Fourteen-year-old Henry Marshall was found hiding in his closet with a gun by Harper’s Ferry Police Officer Kristin Fields. He tells her a man broke in and he shot him in the leg.

Note: DiNozzo isn't in this episode because he is on a mission to England and then Russia to track down leads on former MI6 agent Jacob Scott, who murdered Morrow, and plans to kill the rest of people he feels were responsible for his wife's death.

From blood found at Henry's house, Abby determines the intruder was Mickey Doyle, an ex-con suspected of a number of drug-related murders. At first the team thinks Doyle is connected to Anne Marshall, Henry's mother, who was an assistant district attorney in San Diego. But she says no.

Meanwhile, Senior FBI Agent Fornell meets with Gibbs and Director Vance to review Scott's hit list. It only has the NCIS agents on it. The MI6 agents were redacted by retired MI6 chief Jessica Terdei. Vance tells Fornell that he will be accompanying him to England to find her.

In London, Fornell and Vance meet DiNozzo's contact, who gives them guns and contact info for Jessica. Her uncle: Hugo Radcliffe. They track him down but he tries to run them off with a shotgun. They explain about Jessica's life being in danger. He takes them to a small cottage where Jessica is staying. She invites them in when she hears Tom Morrow is dead.

Jessica says she always thought that case would come back to bite them. Not everything was in the file. Scott's wife Nika Razin, the Russian buyer, was killed by an unidentified sniper when the operation was leaked. The leak came from NCIS. Just then, the house is riddled with a barrage of bullets. They fire back and we hear tires screech away.

Back in D.C., Abby has the gun Henry used and it matches his story, but the family safe has a memory log that records when it's opened. The last time it was two days ago. Why did Henry lie?

At the diner, McGee bonds with Henry by telling him his father was a four-star admiral, who deployed all the time, too. Henry confesses the truth. He was out late one night and he saw Doyle murder someone. After he checked to make sure the guy was dead, he ran home and got his father's gun from the safe. Henry is worried Doyle is going to kill him.

Gibbs tells Anne that he wants to put her family into protective custody, but first he needs Henry's help. He takes him to the Harper's Ferry Police Department to see if he can identify either of two bodies that were stabbed to death. He can't.

Henry's story is looking made up when Abby and Bishop go to the alley where Henry said he saw the murder, but there is no trace of blood. Then Henry sees the guy on TV who got killed: Wayne Woods.

At the safe house, Anne tells Gibbs she is worried. She prosecuted guys like Doyle and they get away with murder by not leaving any loose ends: Henry is a loose end. Henry overhears their conversation and runs away.

Abby determines the murder weapon was a serrated, combat knife, and that the DNA under Woods' finger nails was Doyle's. Just then, they get a BOLO hit on Doyle's RV. Doyle is inside but he is dead.

McGee finds Henry in an alley holding a baseball bat. Henry says he can't go back to the safe house because he promised his dad he would protect his mother and sister. McGee tells him Doyle is dead.

Gibbs meets with Navy Captain Andrew Hubbard, who works at the White House, about Anne Marshall not being able to practice law since she moved from California. Andy promises to run Anne's case up his chain of command.

McGee discovers that while Doyle did the dirty work, the person who found Henry did so by using cameras, which were accessed from a computer at the Harper's Ferry Police Department. They arrest Officer Fields.

After a call from Andy, Gibbs takes Anne to the White House for a Joining Forces roundtable, where she meets First Lady Michelle Obama, who tells her that the sacrifices military families are making hasn't gone unnoticed.

Vance phones Gibbs to tell him there is a mole inside NCIS. Back in the U.S., Fornell brings Jessica to Gibbs' house to keep her safe. Fornell sees footprints and knows there's an intruder. He pulls out his gun, but not in time. He is shot and Jessica is murdered.

To Be Continued…