Sam Hunt says his fans give him too much credit for his chart-topping hits.

“I feel like I get far more credit than I deserve in terms of the music and the integrity of the music and the success of what has happened with the music,” he told FOX411 at the American Country Countdown Awards. “I am kind of the front man for a team of people behind the scenes, who are working just as hard as me and are putting in just as much time to make this all happen. I’m not trying to be humble. I just want everyone to get credit where credit is due.”

Hunt won the award for Breakthrough Male of the Year on Sunday.

“I have to make sure the music and everything I do represents me in an honest way,” he explained. “People sniff out when try to fake something or be something you are not. But in terms of the work that it takes to get the music from Nashville, where we create it, to all the people out there who have come out to the shows, who have bought the record and listened to the music— it takes a lot more than myself.”

Hunt added that he thinks of himself as a country music fan.

“There wasn't really a song or artist that made me want to be a singer, I think I was always a fan of country music,” he said.

The 31-year-old said he didn’t set out to become a star.

“I never thought of myself as a performer or songwriter or singer,” he revealed. “Later in life, I got a guitar and learned to play and that was really the inspiration for me -- discovering maybe a little bit of potential and then honing in that and working hard to become better based off that little bit of potential. I am just a huge fan of music, and I am just flattered to create music that hopefully people are a fan of.”

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