Alejandro Sanz put down his guitar and stopped singing in the middle of a song at a concert in Mexico over the weekend, because he didn’t like what he was seeing in the audience.

According to various reports – and a couple of online videos – Sanz noticed a woman being attacked by a male audience member. He quickly signaled to concert security to deal with the situation.

As his band continued to play “La Música No Se Toca,” the 47-year-old Spanish singer-songwriter walked off the stage and into the crowd to personally point out the offending party. 

“You do not do that,” he repeatedly told the man before telling him to leave. Sanz returned to the stage and continued to signal to the man and to security. “You do not do that.”

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A video on YouTube shows fans urging the man to leave, yelling "Get out! Get out!"

According to the BBC, the abusive audience member was escorted out of the venue in Rosarito in Baja California, minutes later.

He told the audience: “I apologize for the episode before, because I cannot imagine anyone touching someone else like that … and least a woman.”

The Spanish singer has not commented on social media, however his countryman Antonio Banderas tweeted, “Very proud of you, Alejandro Sanz. No more violence against women.”

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