'Topless' Salma Hayek rushed to emergency room

Salma Hayek looks fabulous and flawless. At least most of the time. 

But a recent trip to the ER proved embarrassing for the "Frida" actress because of her somewhat inappropriate attire.

The Mexican-born actress revealed on Instagram that she was rushed from the set of her current film to the emergency room in upstate New York for a minor head injury on Saturday; however, it was her clothes that caused the biggest ouch of the day.

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Hayek, who is shooting "Drunk Parents" alongside Alec Baldwin, was sporting a T-shirt that made it look like she was topless and that someone was holding her breasts.

The 49-year-old actress didn’t offer up details about what caused the injury – or what the scene was that required the outfit – but decided to share the story with her more than 956,000 Instagram followers.

Hayek captioned the image, in both English and Spanish: “I had to be rushed from set to the ER for a minor head injury. Unfortunately my wardrobe for the scene was completely inappropriate for the hospital. Thank you to doctors Foster and Ellspermann for taking such good care of me! And don't worry, it didn't make me any crazier than I was!” 

The injury did not prevent Hayek from getting back to work on “Drunk Parents.” She and Baldwin play a husband and wife who get drunk after dropping their daughter off at college – which leads to some dubious decision-making.

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