Shakira without prominent hips? She didn't think so. If she was going to voice a new Disney character, she said, her hips had to stand out.

According to Spain’s El Pais newspaper, the Colombian singer asked the animators of the upcoming film “Zootopia” to give bigger hips to Gazelle, the pop singer antelope she voices there.

“It looked to me like she needed more hips [and] I asked them to give her more,” Shakira told the paper's reporter during the premiere of the film in Barcelona. “And they did it!”

The 39-year-old singer said she didn’t think twice about accepting the part – especially after they showed her a drawing of Gazelle.

“They showed me the details. It’s a story with a very original plot, smart dialogue, lots of humor and a lot of suspense,” Shakira said. “It’s a spectacular movie. And with a universal story about overcoming [obstacles], which people can identify with.”

The “Hips Don’t Lie” singer noted that she has “things in common” with the midriff-baring, blond-maned Gazelle.

“A lot of the details are mine,” she said. “The color of the eyes, the eyelashes, the hair, even the clothes … It has been a super fun process and something different to everything I have done before.”

Shakira told El Pais that while the opportunity to voice a Disney character was "great," she found it difficult to explain to son Milan, 3, why the animated character had mommy's voice.

The singer revealed that she is getting back into the music scene after taking a slight hiatus to have second son Sasha.

“I live for music and in some way music lives in me,” she told El Pais. “...I am made of this and for this. My every fiber. If I don’t sing and dance, I suffocate.”

“Zootopia” hits U.S. theaters on March 4. Shakira's song "Try Everything" is featured on the movie's soundtrack.

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