Sofia Vergara loves the fact that she has been a mother for more than half of her life. And even though she’s over 40, she says she wants to be a mom again.

“I became a mother very young – at 20 – so I feel like I’ve been a mother my whole life, but I love that. Now that I’m 43 and my son [Manolo, with first husband Joe Gonzalez] is 23, it’s funny to see some of my girlfriends raising young kids,” she told U.K.’s The Edit magazine.

The Colombian beauty, who three months ago married fellow actor Joe Manganiello, said she’s open to going back to changing diapers and waking up at all hours of the night to feed a crying baby.

“I wouldn’t mind another child: my husband is younger than me and he wants kids so we’re trying to figure out what we’re going to do,” Vergara added.

The “Modern Family” star’s comments come months after becoming embattled in a legal headache with ex-fiancé Nick Loeb over the preservation of three frozen embryos they created while still a couple. Loeb is suing the actress over custody of the embryos in order to implant them via a surrogate.

Despite this, Vergara said: “The idea of doing it all again doesn’t scare me but, hey, it’s not like it’s going to happen naturally, is it?”

In her cover interview with the magazine, the actress also touched on the ongoing controversy plaguing Hollywood regarding diversity.

Vergara said she is not one to complain. “I mean, seriously, how dare I.”

“Here I am on prime-time television with this stupid accent, I can’t trash anyone. It would be so ungrateful of me because, trust me, I’ve been treated like a queen,” she said. “Of course [the opportunities] can’t compare to an American or Caucasian woman’s but things are changing.”

She said the problem is not with the networks or the directors, but instead with the lack of writers creating storylines for Latinos.

“Once we have more Latinos writing, that’s when things may really start to change,” she said.

The “Hot Pursuit” actress said she embraces the stereotypical roles she plays and that she is not afraid of them.

“I mean, Gloria [Delgado-Pritchett on ‘Modern Family’] is an amazing character: a really good woman with this hilarious accent, so why criticize her for being a stereotype?” she said. “Plus, all the Latinas I know are loud, they dress sexy and are really involved with their families: that’s Gloria.”

Vergara said she dreads the day her hit ABC show ends – which has been part of her life for more than seven years.

“I could do it forever. We’re all involved in each other’s problems and break-ups and I feel especially protective of Rico Rodriguez [who plays her son Manny],” she said.


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“He was a kid and now he’s a 17-year-old man with a moustache. It’s true that [the show is] a lot of work, but the set is 15 minutes away from my house in Beverly Hills and, because it’s comedy, you don’t ever go home exhausted from crying or action sequences: there’s just a lot of laughter involved.”

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