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Kara Del Toro's Glamorous New Shoot, Zacari Nicasio's Stage-Crashing Stunt, and Much, Much More

Here's what all the fuss is about:

• On Wednesday, GUESS Girl Kara Del Toro shared a gorgeous new photograph from her shoot with an Elite Model photographer (above), and used the caption to thank stylist Dalit Gwenna for lending her the dress she's wearing. (On that note, we'd also like to thank Dalit Gwenna for lending Kara the dress she's wearing.)

• Speaking of gorgeous GUESS Girls, Canadian model Danielle Knudson once paid us a visit to show off her favorite campaign with GUESS. (We don't think any of the clothes were styled by Dalit Gwenna in that particular campaign, but we assure you Danielle still looks just as fantastic anyway.) Watch the interview below for more, then of Knudson.

• An audience member named Zacari Nicasio crashed the stage during Wednesday night's live broadcast of the People's Choice Awards, interrupting the ladies of "The Talk" to babble about Kevin Gates and Kanye West (below). The LAPD placed Nicasio in handcuffs after the stunt, which is when we assume the PCA's producers thanked him for making the night somewhat memorable.

• After their rumored hook-up back in October, 36-year-old actress Kate Hudson and 23-year-old recording artist Nick Jonas were once again spotted enjoying each other's company, this time near a mountain resort in Northern California. In other words, things are getting serious, because there's no way in hell anybody's driving five hours into the mountains — and five back — with someone they're only casually sexing.

• As reported by E! Online and Variety, '90s R&B sensations Boyz II Men will appear in FOX's upcoming production of "Grease: Live" as the Teen Angel(s) who convince Frenchy to stay in school. In other words, the Boyz will become Teens, which is the first step they've ever taken toward embracing the fact that they're well into their 40s.

We're so excited to announce we're joining #GreaseLive! Catch us all play Teen Angel Jan 31 on FOX. #threeangels pic.twitter.com/W2wMBF70C4

— Boyz II Men (@BoyzIIMen) January 6, 2016

• On Wednesday, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" officially overtook "Avatar" to become the highest-grossing film of all time (domestically), earning more than $761 million in only three weeks. It's almost as if the general population was somehow aware of these strange "Star Wars" from a previous film series or something!

• In preparation for his role as Robert Kardashian on FX's "American Crime Story," David Schwimmer told the Hollywood Reporter that he spoke with Kardashian's ex-wife Kris Jenner for over two hours, which proves he might be taking the role more seriously than his gray highlights and "Ross Gellar" face would suggest:

• And finally, according to sources for Us Weekly, the Kardashians are planning to stage an intervention for Rob Kardashian to convince him to control his diabetes. Unfortunately, their efforts will probably be hampered by Us Weekly, as this news gives Rob ample time to head for the hills.