“Disgusting” Donald Trump Dissed By Skywriter Over Rose Parade

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a joke. It’s a diss. It’s … a skywriter over the Rose Parade voicing his opinion about Donald Trump. Yes, amid the floats, bands and horses, the skiesabove Pasadena were transformed into a venue for political speech this morning:

Just as the reality star-turned-GOP front-runner dominated the newsin 2015, he kicked off the new year by stealing headlines from the 127th annual Rose Parade. Even though the skywriting — which read “America is great! Trump is disgusting!” and “Anyone but Trump” — apparently wasn’t shown by any of the outlets that covered the event, it was what the media glommed on to. So, like it or not, it looks like Trump somehow has wonthe first skirmishof 2016’s attention war.

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