'Orange Is The New Black' star Dascha Polanco's rules for on-screen nudity

On "Orange is the New Black," Dayanara Diaz is an inmate who wants to be released from prison in order to be with her lover and the child they're about to have together. But in real life, Dascha Polanco wants to stay behind bars ... permanently.


"Orange Is the New Black" star Dascha Polanco is picky when it comes to choosing her next roles.

The actress, who scored a role in the upcoming Jennifer Lawrence drama "Joy," outlined her rules for on-screen nudity to the New York Post's Page Six.

"I would do a nude scene for an independent film, if it is a good story," Polanco told Page Six at the Gotham Independent Film Awards.

She added, "I'd better be the lead though, let’s keep it real. The only restriction I would have is a 'hoo-ha' patch and some pasties. I am sure that it would be a professional setting, so I would be comfortable with that."

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