Jenny McCarthy will pose for Playboy again when somebody tells her she's too old

In the Zone: Jenny McCarthy talks strong women, Playboy, posing nude today, vaccine controversies and Jim Carrey's ex-girlfriend's suicide


Jenny McCarthy has never been one to shy from controversy. The Eyecessorize spokesperson, mother, wife, reality star and author spoke candidly to FOX411 about possibly posing nude again, wanting to use her “brain besides her boobs,” and her ex Jim Carrey.

FOX411: I met you back in the day and you gave me some great life advice telling me to not do drugs and avoid that casting couch.  I took that advice. Thank you. What advice do you give women now?

Jenny McCarthy: A lot of people get confused with fashion much like myself. I never considered myself a fashion trendsetter so I always looked at everybody else for advice so I found a website when I started wearing eyeglasses called and I fell in love with it because they have so many different designers to choose from.

FOX411: It’s no surprise that feeling good about how you look on the outside helps you feel good on the inside, but what wisdom can you impart on women about moving forward in their careers and be confident?

McCarthy:  It’s always trust yourself. Make an intention with every meeting that you go in, stay focused on goal. There are a lot of people that will tell you who you are and what you should be, and the world – we need variety. So, why try to be somebody you’re not. Always stick to who you are and you’ll go so much further that way. 

FOX411: Fellow playmate Pamela Anderson posed naked recently. Will you ever pose nude again? 

McCarthy: I remember back in the day when I was a Playmate and they said, “What do you want to do next?” I said, “Comedy.” And they said, “Now that’s funny. There’s no way a Playmate will ever do a sitcom or comedy.” I just thought, “Why not.” And anytime anyone told me I couldn’t do something I went and did it. If someone told me I was too old to pose for Playboy then I would probably end up posing for Playboy. Right now my kid is a teenager I don’t want to destroy his social life any more than I possibly can. I’m not cool in his world because he’s turned 13. 

FOX411: Do you think women are stigmatized in society for going naked or being too sexy?

McCarthy: Yeah, I think absolutely people get stuck into stereotypes and it really is a matter of us being able to break out of it, and men do also. I see comedians who try to get into dramatic roles and as a society we sometimes get upset with them, “What are you trying to do being dramatic? Go back to comedy!”  It’s about not listening to those voices and doing what you believe is right.  If you want to stay sexpot forever like Pamela (Anderson) has done, you go girl, and she’s done a really good job of it.  I really wanted longevity and to use my brains besides my boobs in my career, and I’ll continue to do so.

FOX411: Your ex Jim Carrey’s on again/off again girlfriend tragically committed suicide last week. You shared your thoughts on Twitter. Have you reached out to Jim?

McCarthy: You know what, I have not. I have not. I just have offered my prayers because what else can you possibly do besides pray in a situation like this? I just continue-- for both of them, for both families-- lots of prayers.

FOX411:  You have been intensely scrutinized from your views on vaccines to your views on "The View." How do you handle that?

McCarthy: I think it came from high school having thick skin being bullied really badly...  I let [any comments or negativity] fly past me. I stick to my guns and I stick to my truth, and when I talk about things like autism, I talk about my story, and I just hope that people give me the opportunity to really listen to what I have been saying and not change it into something sensational. 

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