Demi Lovato poses nude, makeup-less for 'Vanity Fair,' says it's all about confidence

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Demi Lovato established three rules for her recent photo shoot with Vanity Fair: No makeup. No clothes. No retouching.

She wanted it to be natural and spontaneous.

In the photo spread, which was done a day after Lovato’s grandfather died, the 23-year-old bares her body and raw emotions.

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"The reason why I decided to do this photo shoot was because, when I when I think of confidence I think of many things, but one thing in particular was feeling comfortable in your own skin," Lovato said in a Vanity Fair video. "I thought there was something incredible about the idea of no makeup whatsoever, no clothes and no retouching."

The images shared on the magazine’s website show her standing and sitting, on a bed and in a bathtub. She wears a wet T-shirt in some and shares her tattoos in others.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past day, it’s that life is too short,” the singer told Vanity Fair photographer Patrick Ecclesine. “I’m about to launch an album that finally represents who I truly am. How do I embrace this new chapter in my life? How do I really walk the walk? What does it mean to be confident? It means letting go, being authentic, saying I don’t give a f**k and this is who I am. I want to show the side of me that’s real, that’s liberated, that’s free. What if we do a photo shoot where it’s totally raw? Super-sexy, but no makeup, no fancy lighting, no retouching, and no clothing. Let’s do it here, let’s do it now.”

Soon after the photos went public, the hashtag #WeAreProudOfYouDemi went viral on Twitter.

“This means everything to me… You have no idea… Thank you so much,” she tweeted with a snapshot of the trend.

Lovato’s new album “Confident” is due out on Oct. 16.

In a video interview posted online, the singer spoke candidly about the inspiration behind the empowering message of her latest single of the same name. She admitted never feeling confident enough in her own skin to feel sexy, but now she is proud.

"The pre-chorus says it best, where it says, ‘You’ve had me underrated.’ I’ve wanted to shout that from the top of my lungs for years now,” she said in the video.

“I’m wanting to share that with the world and showing everyone how you can go from being very insecure with body image issues to feeling so proud of your body that you want to show it to the world,” she continued.

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