Models wear other models as clothes in bizarre fashion show

Break Time: Imagine your clothes are a fashion model - that's what's happening here


Rick Owens really knows how to shake things up.

Friday in Paris, the designer showed a monastic collection staring catwalkers who wore — well, each other.

Owens’ models were harnessed to other models, and marched out hanging upside down or strapped right side up, all as a singer named Eska belted the soulful theme song from the movie “Exodus.” The crowd was moved to uproarious applause as the provocateur took his bow — and then beat his guests to the door.

In a statement released right after the show, Owens said the performance was about “support and cradling” and that the straps were symbolic “loving ribbons.”

You heard it here, people: human fanny packs for spring!

‘ Why wear clothes when you can wear models @rickowensonline #pfw #rickowens | �� @nighttimm

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This story first appeared in the NY Post.