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Hulk Hogan's lawyer claims victory in motions leading up to sex tape trial with Gawker

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"It was a beautiful day."

That's what Terry "Hulk Hogan" Bollea had to say leaving Pinellas County court Thursday after Judge Pamela Campbell agreed to seal 15 documents provided by Gawker Media for their upcoming trial, set for March 7, 2016.

Hulk is suing Gawker for publishing a sex tape he's in, and is asking for $100 million in damages.   

Hogan’s lawyer David Houston told FOX411 that there were two primary motions being ruled on Thursday.

“One was discovery, which was us being able to forensically search all of (Gawker Media’s) computer systems to determine if there was any leak from the National Enquirer and Gawker,” he said.

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“The second motion was a motion brought by Gawker consenting to unseal or remove the confidentiality aspect of certain discovery in this case and the court agreed with us on all but one item that it was important to preserve the privacy of a litigant than release the information publicly," Houston said. "Again, the judge agreed with the position taken by Bollea and his attorneys.”

Gawker Media's attorney Mike Berry from the firm Levine Sullivan did not agree with the ruling.

‎"Given the obvious public interest in this case, it is truly unfortunate that a large number of records remain hidden, and that the public is prevented from seeing both sides’ arguments and the basis for many of the court’s most significant rulings," Berry said in a statement. "The public should be able to know what happens in its court system.‎"

Houston said he is looking forward to the trial.

“We’ve been trying to get this case done for nearly four years. Like the old saying goes, ‘you can run but you can’t hide.’”


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