Anne Hathaway gushes like giddy fan when Mariah Carey arrives at 'The Intern' premiere

Forget Oscar winner. Anne Hathaway proved that she is a fan girl through and through when it comes to Mariah Carey.

The actress seemed to lose her cool this week at the premiere of her new movie, “The Intern,” which stars Robert De Niro, when she saw the award-winning singer at the red carpet.

"She's here. She's at MY movie premiere," gushed Hathaway.


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When a reporter told her Carey was spotted getting her hair brushed off to the side before stepping onto the red carpet, Hathaway couldn't put together a sentence.

"That's just the best glamorous ever. That's not even a sentence. There's no grammar there. The best glamorous ever, yeah. I went to college. I didn't graduate," she laughed.

Hathaway tried to focus on questions about her film but was clearly distracted by her proximity to Carey.

"She's now an arm's length away," she said, "I love that you're getting this on camera."

The event on Monday night also marked Carey’s first red carpet appearance with new boyfriend James Packer.

In "The Intern," opening Friday, De Niro plays a bored widower who gets accepted into an internship program for senior citizens at an e-commerce company, run by Hathaway's character. The two end up bonding and learning from each other.

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