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Alyssa Milano reflects on how her life has changed

Alyssa Milano, who is best known for her roles on hit shows like "Who's the Boss?" and "Melrose Place," is keeping busy these days, balancing her acting career and her role as a mother to two young kids. 

This week Milano tweeted about her son’s birthday and reflected on her priorities. “Four years ago, Milo was born and all the heartache & pain of my past finally made sense. I love you, son. I'll teach you all that I have.”

She told FOX411 having children changed her outlook on life. 

“I would say that love that you feel is so profound that it is life altering, but it is like living with your heart outside of your body because you allow yourself to love so deeply you become so incredibly vulnerable, and with those vulnerabilities you are able to explore who are as a human.”

Milano said, as a mother, she was uncomfortable with some aspects of the MTV VMAs, which aired on Sunday night. 

“As a mom I would so love to have an award ceremony like the VMAs to watch with my kids because my son, who is 4, loves music so much, but obviously I don’t feel comfortable,” she said. “We saw a little of it because my husband was watching it for work purposes, my son says ‘why are there so many holes in [Miley Cyrus'] outfit?’ which I thought was amazing. So speaking of style, that’s her own personal style.”

The actress said today her style is primarily focused on being comfortable.

“I think that it’s important, especially as a mom, to be able to do everything you need to do in a day, feel good about yourself, look stylish but also express who you are as a human,” she said.  

Milano expressed her excitement in wanting beautiful things around the house, which is why she partnered with Viva paper towels to create a signature design. She said the paper towel line ended up being similar to her clothing line, Touch. 

“I feel like it falls into the thing I did with the clothing line, to which there is a market I think for wanting beautiful things,” she said. “And it doesn’t matter what that thing is and if you want it to represent who you are in your expression and your style, and paper towels, why wouldn’t anyone want something beautiful on their kitchen counter? I think it’s a beautiful way to have something super super functional but also adds a style.”

Right now Milano is focused on loving her family and living in the present.

“I think that to live in this time where we are able to express ourselves and be who we are, it’s just vital." 

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