Kip Moore: Touring can make you feel 'like you're losing everything in your life'

Fox411 Country: Country music star Kip Moore discusses life on the road and his sophomore album 'Wild Ones'


Kip Moore released his sophomore album, “Wild Ones,” this week, which he says is a true representation of the person he’s become since the release of his first album. 

“My life has changed so much in the last three years and we've become traveling gypsies and you're in this circus and this is a lot more in the moment about that its' a lot more of an aggressive record because of that,” Moore told FOX411 Country.

Moore says life on the road isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

“We live this life of it can be the most exhilarating thing every night on stage but it can also play these tricks on you," he said. "We've done 200 shows a year for the last three years and it can make you feel so like you're losing everything in your life, people you care about, those kinds of things, there's a lot of desperation on this record.” 

Moore says that one great part of the constant travel is getting to be with his tight-knit crew. “It’s the same group of guys, it’s the same time, the same lighting guys, the same sound guys," he said. "We really are brothers, and we love hanging out with each other, and I miss the heck out of them when I’m out on the road, so that’s an amazing part of it is I’m getting to hang out with my family every day and do something that we all love.”

When he has a break from life on the road, Moore is busy with his “Comeback Kid Skate Park Project,” inspired from his song, “Comeback Kid” on his new album. Six new skate parks across the country are the first big initiative of “Kips Kids Fund,” Moore’s charitable foundation serving at risk children and teens. The parks allow kids to have a quality facility to escape from their daily situations, and have a good time with their friends. 

“If it gives one kid hope, the next 15 years, and it changes their outlook and it changes their whole life, then the whole thing was worth it."

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