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Kelly Rutherford says kids were 'hysterical' over returning to Monaco

Actress Kelly Rutherford and attorney Wendy Murphy discuss her international custody battle.


Kelly Rutherford said her kids were hysterical when she was ordered to put them on a plane to return to their father in Monaco on Aug. 6. It was just the latest chapter in the "Gossip Girl" actress' seven year custody battle with ex-husband Daniel Giersch.

"[Giersch] went into court and demanded them back," Rutherford told FOX Business. "Monaco [where their dad lives] did not. They were hysterical, they were afraid and the way it was done was so sudden."

The actress said she was "terrified not knowing what would happen if I put them on a plane and they were voicing concerns. I didn’t know what to do."

Rutherford initially refused to send her children Hermes, 8, and Helena, 6, back but a court ordered their return, a move the actress' lawyer said was incorrect.

"I mean it’s so mind boggling to me and frankly [for New York] to put its own American citizens on a plane…having the audacity to put tiny, defenseless kids on a plane and ship them out of their own country," Wendy Murphy told FOX Business.

Rutherford is set to return to court in Monaco on Sept. 3 in hopes to get her kids back. She said they don't fully understand why they can't be with their mother.

"They’ve been going through this for a long time…he’s saying things to hem constantly you can’t see your mothers unless you turn over the passports…it’s just sad."

Watch Rutherford's full interview in the video above.