In Court

Charges filed against producer of fake Clint Eastwood movie

Michael Tammero takes you inside The FOXLight


Montana officials have filed criminal charges against a man accused of scamming investors into giving him $29,000 to produce a cowboy documentary he said would be narrated by Clint Eastwood.

Prosecutors say the film was bogus, and Matthew McClintock used nearly all of the money for living expenses, to dine out in restaurants and to buy himself a $575 cowboy hat.

Deputy Securities Commissioner Lynne Egan said Thursday just over $200 remained when the state froze McClintock's bank accounts.

McClintock faces charges of theft, fraudulent practices, failure to register as a sales person and failure to register a security. The charges were filed Wednesday in state court in Missoula.

A Helena judge on Thursday kept in place a ban on McClintock's fundraising. McClintock did not appear at the hearing.