'Deadliest Catch' star Amy Majors sick of talking about being a woman on boat

Captain Keith Colburn and Greenhorn Amy Majors on the challenges of crabbing


Discovery’s “Deadliest Catch” continues to reign as one of television’s most watch shows. Captain Keith Colburn and Amy Majors spoke with FOX411 about the Obama administration's push to combat illegal fishing and the media attention Majors has received for  being the only woman a part of an all-male crew.

FOX411: The White House put out a plan last year to crackdown on illegal fishing. Are you still seeing crab being harvested in illegal waters?  

Captain Keith Colburn: I’m very pleased that the Presidential task force for IUU, which is Illegal Unrestricted Unreported not, just crab, but fishing. It’s trying to stop the importation of any kind of fish whether it’s crab or whatever that’s not being legally harvested. There’s a wealth of big companies that are fishing in foreign waters and harvesting species. Without that being regulated, it’s impacting those fisheries so by trying to crack down at it at the border and keep it from being imported at the border it helps the fisheries but it also helps us because we’re not competing against a cheap substitute that wasn’t harvested legally. I applaud the White House.

FOX411: Amy, you’re getting a lot of attention since you’re the only female on the ship. Is it annoying that people keep mentioning it? 

Amy Majors: I’ve literally been asked that question 15 or 20 times today. I’m kind of over answering it.

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Colburn: Maybe you should just say I’m a bad ass next question.

Majors: I’m a bad ass! Moving on.

FOX411: Perhaps because of your involvement on this season more women may consider a career in commercial fishing. Is that possible?

Majors: I’ve been receiving emails from women across the country who think they can be commercial fisherman and they have zero boat experience. I don’t know. We’ll see what happens.

FOX411: Do you think some women writing you are hooked by the TV aspect of your job?

Colburn: Yeah, it’s not like at the ballgame when you stand up and wave at the camera real quick and your 15 seconds of fame is gone. You actually have to work for a living.

Majors: I think being on-camera is just as difficult as the actual fishing because they’re in your face 24/7. You can’t get rid of them. The very first thing in the morning is you put a mic on until you go to sleep.

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