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Matt Lauer's neighbors angry over 'Today' host's construction plans

'Today' show host under fire


Matt Lauer's neighbors aren't too happy with him.

The "Today" show host wants to plant 42 trees and 194 shrubs on the northern edge of his Water Mill, N.Y., property to protect his horses from his neighbor's swimming pool, according to Newsday. However, his neighbors, Jack and Jodi Wasserman, are fighting back saying the trees will block their view of Lauer's scenic farm and violates restrictions on the property.

According to the Wassermans' lawyer, Lauer fears that his horse trail is located near his neighbors' pool and that noise from the Wassermans' property may spook the horses and cause them to go off the trail.

"Mr. Lauer himself testified that he is concerned that a severe incident of spooking can occur, and he fears for the safety of his wife and daughter when they are riding on the trail," the Wassermans' lawyer said in a statement to Newsday. However, he explained that the Wassermans' pool existed long before Lauer built his home and it was the "Today" host's decision to place the trail where it is.

"The Wassermans' pool and backyard existed before the Lauers built out their horse farm and trail, and the Lauers nevertheless decided to place part of their trail right alongside the Wassermans' property...this supposedly dangerous situation rests 100 percent with the Lauers," Fife said. He suggested Lauer simply move the trail if he really feels there is a danger.

The Water Mill planning board heard arguments from both parties at a meeting on Tuesday. Board member Philip A. Keith told Newsday the board will likely not reach a decision until September.