'Stewarts and Hamiltons' show to debut

A new reality show the “Stewarts and Hamiltons” is set to debut on July 26th, starring Rod Stewart’s son, Sean.

FOX411: Your show is on the same network as “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Have the Kardashians offered you any advice?

Sean Stewart: We actually haven’t gotten any advice from them but I’m a fan of the Kardashians. I grew up with them. Scott’s one of my old friend’s and I’ve known Kourtney since she was young so we all kind of grew up together. I actually really like their show. It’s interesting the drama.

FOX411: Was it difficult growing up with not only a famous father, Rod Stewart, but a famous stepfather, George Hamilton?

Stewart: It’s been difficult always being in the spotlight. I went through troubles in my life and I kind of took what I had for granted which I come out this, all of what I’ve been through, a little stronger. It’s definitely changed me and I’ve definitely grown up a lot throughout the years, and I learned from the mistakes that I made; hanging out with the wrong people, partying all of the time.  As I got older I didn’t want that lifestyle. I want to have kids. I want to get married and you’ll see that on the show. You’ll see me dating. I want to have a family. I kind of met somebody and she’s gorgeous and very tall. She makes a good breeder.

FOX411: Why did your famous family decide to open up their personal lives to the world?

Stewart: For years we’ve been asking to do a TV show about our family. We finally agreed to it and I think we really want to show who our family really is and who we really are, and it’s a way to build businesses off of, because people are not putting money up for marketing up anymore. It’s an infomercial to build brands.

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