LAPD investigating Bill Cosby's alleged sexual abuse of young model

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that its criminal investigation into Bill Cosby's alleged sexual assault of then 18-year-old model Chloe Goins is open and active.

"There is an investigation open," LAPD spokesperson Norma Eisenman told FOX411.

Goins, now 25, said Cosby, 77, drugged her at the Playboy Mansion, and she awoke naked and found Cosby over her.

Goins' lawyer said the comedian’s unsealed testimony that he gave women quaaludes before having sex bolsters his client’s case.

“This disclosure is very helpful to Ms. Goins investigation, both criminally and potentially in a civil action,” attorney Spencer Kuvin told FOX411. “We can use this testimony to prove his modus operandi as a serial sex abuser.”

Goins met with Los Angeles police detectives in January to pursue criminal charges against the comedian.

Neither the LAPD or Kuvin would speculate then on what charges Cosby might face, and both noted that the statutes of limitations for sex offenses are complex.

Kuvin said Goins came forward after hearing about other women describing abuse by Cosby and realized she might have a valid criminal case.

“The release of this prior testimony merely confirms what over 35 women have been saying for a year now, that Mr. Cosby is a serial sex offender,” Kuvin said. “We now have confirmation, by way of his own sworn testimony, that he obtained drugs to give to others. This is exactly what all of his victims have been saying. It's nice that there is now hard evidence that is public to disprove his prior hypocritical comments by him and his lawyer in the media."

As for Goins’ criminal case against Cosby, Kuvin says his client remains committed to seeing Cosby punished for his actions.

“Ms. Goins criminal investigation is currently still open, and I have been in discussions with the Los Angeles police department as recently as last week. We hope that the LAPD use this now released testimony in the prosecution of that investigation,” Kuvin said. “As for any future action by my client in the civil court, she wants to wait for the criminal investigation to be completed before deciding how to proceed. Her focus is seeking justice for what Mr. Cosby did to her and putting him behind bars where he belongs.”

Cosby admitted to acquiring quaaludes with the intent of giving them to women he wanted to have sex with, and giving the drug to several women, in testimony he gave in 2005 for a sexual-abuse case filed by former Temple University employee Andrea Constand.

Calls to Cosby’s lawyer were not immediately returned. Cosby has maintained his innocence in the face of the onslaught of accusations against him. His lawyer has denied many of the accusations against Cosby, saying they have been discredited or come from discredited accusers.