Leading ladies plan movie about women of Wall Street

New movie by 'Orange is the New Black' star Alysia Reiner gives women traditionally male roles


“Orange is the New Black” star Alysia Reiner and “Backwards” executive producer and actress Sarah Megan Thomas have teamed up to create and produce the first-ever film about Wall Street told from a female’s perspective. The movie, “Equity,” is in pre-production and has started to garner buzz in Hollywood already. The Broadstreet Pictures partners spoke to FOX411 about their upcoming flick.

FOX411: Tell us about the film.
Alysia Reiner: It is the first ever female-driven Wall Street movie. We also have never seen Wall Street post 2008 and we’ve never seen a social media go public. Everyone is so excited about Ali Baba, and Facebook and Twitter and Fit Bit but we’ve never seen it, and it’s so cool.  

Sarah Megan Thomas: What’s also really cool about this is we interviewed many executives on Wall Street while we were developing the project so there’s a sense of realism in this screenplay that maybe we haven’t seen before.  

FOX411: Do you think Hollywood will embrace a female protagonist in a seemingly man’s world?

Reiner: Absolutely. First of all, it is the truth. There are these amazing women and the fact that we’ve never seen them is ridiculous. It’s like these invisible people. On the flipside, in entertainment we are seeing more women. I happen to be on a show where we have all of these amazing women and we need to bring it to film more.

Thomas: It’s a really cool part of the world that’s never been explored before these women on Wall Street who actually are a minority. They are women in a male-dominated world and what is that like being the only woman in a room of powerful men.

FOX411: You have a few stars attached to the film like “True Blood” star Carrie Preston.  Are there any other names you can share?

Reiner: I’ll be in the cast. Sarah will be in the cast.  

Thomas: We have a two-time Emmy award winning actress who will be playing our lead. There will be a formal announcement. We’re thrilled with our lead.  

FOX411: “Equity” is being produced by women, directed by a woman, written by a woman, and the lead is a woman. Many A-list actresses have complained and statistics have shown that the majority of films have men behind them. Do you think your film will help change that?

Reiner: I so hope so. It’s always the goal. You do work that not only is entertaining and makes people think and feel but also changes things.

Thomas: The goal of the company is to create stories that everyone wants to see. They’re not just for women. They’re stories for men, too but to employ more women behind the camera and give more opportunities to the talented women out there.

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