Meet Miles Brown: 10-year-old star of 'Blackish'

Miles Brown on his new fame


Miles Brown is one of television's young stars on the rise. He currently stars on ABC's hit sitcom "Blackish" alongside Anthony Anderson and Traci Ellis Ross. The 10-year-old spoke to FOX411 about finding famous at an early age and how Ellen DeGeneres discovered him.

FOX411: How has your life changed since being on such a popular TV show?
Miles Brown: It's really cool because I get to meet different people. I get to go do different things, but it’s kind of cool because, at school and stuff, they still treat me the same, like if I wasn’t acting. 

FOX411: Do you like fame?
Brown: It’s pretty weird because there’s a middle school right across from my school and they’re the ones that actually ask for all the autographs. It’s kind of awkward.

FOX411: Do you think “Blackish” is the new “Cosby” show?
Brown: I kind of think of it as that. I like the “Cosby” show a lot. I think it’s really funny.

FOX411: You have a lot of famous supporters like Ellen DeGeneres and she gave you the chance to showcase your hip-hop dance skills on her show when you were 4-years-old. Do you still keep in touch?
Brown: Yeah. It’s really cool because she always remembers me. I get to see her sometimes.

For more of our interview with Brown, watch the video above.

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