Better late than never.

Actress Lindsay Lohan finally showed up to her community-service gig in Brooklyn — two hours late.

Lohan sneaked into Brooklyn’s Duffield Children’s Center through a side entrance more than 90 minutes after the children had arrived at the nursery school according to TMZ.

An administrator, though, insisted the “Mean Girls” actress had gotten there early, though the worker did not specify what time Lohan arrived.

Lohan was scheduled to work at least an eight-hour day, which would leave her with 107 community service hours to complete before a May 28 deadline.

“She has started her community service today,” said Ivonne Lopez, the school’s director of early childhood education.

“Today she is doing clerical work. She is completing some of the clearances that we need. And she will be here pretty much all day. She got here super early. I don’t know exact time but she was here early.”

One of the first things Lohan did was pose for a snap with 5-year-old Donovan Illery, whom she befriended during her community-service stint at the school last year.

Some construction workers claim they saw Lohan stealing a cigarette break behind the school but ran inside when one of them called out to her.

Parents have been sent home a letter letting them know of Lohan’s community service and promising them that their kids will not be left alone with her.

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