Cara Santana: Hollywood beauty standard is evolving

Actress and blogger introduces beauty on demand with TheGlamApp


Cara Santana is one of those "slashes" in Hollywood, but she's not your typical actress-slash-model. Instead, Santana is starring on WGN America’s “Salem” while also being a tech entrepreneur. The 31-year-old hastaken her talents to the tech world and created a beauty app called The Glam app.

FOX411: Why did you decide to make an app?

Cara Santana: I wanted to create a luxury, convenient affordable beauty experience so I came up with the idea of the glam app with my partner Joey Maloof, who is an amazing hair and make-up expert, and together we’ve launched this app. We’ll be in 30 cities by the end of the year.  As a woman when we look good, we feel good and when we feel good we’re more empowered to take on the world.  So, I wanted to bring that to every woman everywhere.

FOX411: You’re constantly photographed by paparazzi in Los Angeles. Do you mind the attention?

Santana: I just say that it’s pretend life and I focus on what’s real. It’s whatever. It’s no big deal. I pretend they’re not there.

FOX411: Your relationship with actor Jesse Metcalf has been highly publicized. Fans seem to pressure you two to get married on blogs. Is there a marriage in your future?

Santana: No, no, no. I’m totally focused on the Glam App and my show “Salem,” my blog and being busy; that’s really the focal point of everything and I think the rest just comes when it’s ready. You can’t rush anything.

FOX411: Lately, there’s been a big movement in body acceptance.  Do you think Hollywood will let go of the skinny standard or is it there to stay?

Santana: I like to think that we already have. I think if you look at some of the iconic women right now. There’s so many different shapes and sizes and looks, and I think the idea of beauty has evolved. I think that is so important for society. You want to look at the TV and recognize yourself. 

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