'While We're Young' star Ben Stiller says his daughter won't let him on 'The Snapchat'

Actor stars in Noah Baumbach's new comedy 'While We're Young'


In the new indie comedy “While We’re Young” Ben Stiller and his wife, played by Naomi Watts, start hanging out with a couple in their 20s. FOX411 spoke to Stiller about growing up, being a parent, and still managing to stay young.

FOX411: So let’s talk growing up…

Ben Stiller: Ok.

FOX411: Do you have moments, surprising realizations: ‘I'm the grownup in the room’?

Stiller: Yeah that is my life constantly. It happens when you have kids. I think that's the first sort of time you go "OK I have to be responsible." Now my daughter is almost 13 and my son is almost 10 and I'm definitely comfortable now being “dad.” I think that took a few years to get into.

FOX411: Do you ever catch yourself saying something you thought only "older people" say?

Stiller: Yeah, anytime I try to talk about social media with my daughter. For sure. I will say “So what's happening with The Snapchat?” you know, with "The" Snapchat.

FOX411: The Snapchat... The Facebook...

Stiller: I told her that I was checking out something on Snapchat and she’s like, "You’re not getting on Snapchat. Don’t get on Snapchat.” I’m like “I'm not allowed on… I don't know even what it is.” Yeah I just feel like that. Somehow my daughter became the daughter of you know, of an adult, that I am a parent. 

FOX411: Do you still have enough of those childlike moments, maybe some people still tell you to grow up?

Stiller: Yeah… I think it's important to not ever, I really don’t think of myself as like a super mature adult. I really do most of the time think I’m just trying to figure it out. I feel like that most of the time. I think that's actually a good thing. I talk to older people who seem young and they say they just never think of themselves as old. It's just that sort of, where's the cutoff between thinking like that and being deluded and just being out of touch with reality. So it’s like constantly walking that line. 

FOX411: Is there pressure to stay young, stay trendy, especially in Hollywood?

Stiller: Well, I think you can't do that, to me, it's too much pressure. I think you have to be who you are and I think Hollywood and show business and all that is always eating up the new thing. It's always what's new, and you just kind of have to just live your life. If you're a musician and you make a certain kind of music, that’s the kind of music you make, the cycles will happen where it will be in or out and I feel like that's what it is. You just have to do your thing because it's way too exhausting.

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