David Duchovny was on "Late Show With David Letterman" last night to plug his new alt-rock album — yes, "Hell Or Highwater" is available now at your local record store or illegal download site. But, as you might have heard, he also has a couple of TV projects in the works.With his seven-year run on Showtime’s "Californication" in the rearview mirror, Duchovny is set to star in "Aquarius," NBC’s gritty drama about a cop who goes undercover to track Charles Manson. But the crowd wanted to hear details about Fox’s resuscitation of "The X-Files,"  which was announced last week.

Creator Chris Carter and co-star Gillian Anderson are back for Round 2 of the 1990s drama about the FBI agents probing cases with a paranormal bent. But Duchovny also confirmed the return of a couple other castmates. “Mitch Pelligi will come back,” he said, referring to the actor who recurred as Walter Skinner, “and the Cigarette-Smoking Man — if this means anything to anyone — will be coming back.” It meant plenty to many members of the studio audience who fondly recall William B. Davis’ character, the archnemesis of Duchovny’s Fox Mulder.

'The X-Files' Returns As Fox Event Series With Creator Chris Carter And Stars David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson

Letterman noted that "The X-Files" has the hard-core fan base from its original 1993-2002 run on Fox and the two movies, but it also has developed new fans in the decade-plus since it left the air.“It’s a strange phenomenon that people still want to see those characters,” Duchovny noted, “but I’m grateful.”

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