Raven-Symone needs to brush up on her geography. During an interview with E! News’ Alicia Quarles the 29-year-old actress discussed her ancestry but seemed to misunderstand the definition of “continent” versus “country.”

“I never said I wasn’t black, I said I wasn’t African American – to me that’s a difference,” she stated. “Thank you to ancestry.com for sending me my DNA test. I am from every continent in Africa except for one and I’m also from every continent in Europe except for one.”

"We are a melting pot of beauty,” she continued. “We have to embrace the different cultures we have. And if you don't, we're still gonna have these problems that are blasting up everywhere. And call me hippie, call me a free-thinker, call me someone that's looking for a better life, but I wanna be in a better world."

Quarles appeared unfazed and went  on with the conversation but naturally the Internet didn’t ignore the comment. A stream of tweets followed mocking Symone’s snafu.

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