Taylor Swift's body type preferred over Kim Kardashian's, evolutionary study finds

New study says humans gravitate to one body type over all others


A new study reportedly reveals a long leggy figure like Taylor Swift’s is preferred over a shorter, more compact figure like Kim Kardashian’s.

The University of New South Wales in Sydney published their findings in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, the Daily Mail reports.

It claims almost 60,000 people – 80 percent men – from all over the world were shown computerized images of female body shapes.

The shapes were composites of 24 female 'body traits' including everything from bust size biceps.

Subjects were shown the body shapes from the side and from the front, and the faces were pixelated.

Gradually, the lowest-rated body shapes were eliminated. According to the study, in each generation of body shapes, the shorter, thicker bodies were voted out, and the highest-rated body shape ultimately turned out to have long slender legs, a small behind, and a smaller chest.

“The predominant evolutionary trend, reflecting a likely major dimension of social selection operating on human female bodies, is toward greater slenderness and, particularly, narrower waists,” the study reportedly concluded.

In other words, Taylor Swift, not Kim Kardashian.

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