Rumer Willis is best known as the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore—but that could change if she becomes a ballroom standout on the new season of “Dancing with the Stars.”  

The 26-year-old actress told FOX411 exclusively on Tuesday after the cast was unveiled that her family has embraced her decision to compete on the ABC reality show.  

“They’re really excited and really supportive. My dad and my mom and my sisters were really excited for me and were asking me about rehearsals and I just told them how excited I was. It’s nice to have their support,” Willis said.

But will the star who’s appeared on “Pretty Little Liars” take after her mom or her dad when it comes to dancing?

“My mom likes to dance. She definitely has the moves out on the dance floor,” Willis said of the famous “Striptease” actress. “My dad tends to just kind of be just the sway, the side-to-side moves.”

What is clear is that “DWTS” fans should expect to see Bruce and Demi in the audience cheering on their daughter: “I hope so. That would be great,” Willis said.

And also her sisters Scout and Tallulah: “I’ve made it mandatory for them to come and watch!”

When Willis’ partner Val Chmerkovskiy joked that her sisters were “jealous, obviously,” Willis smiled at the hunky and single dance pro and added, “Yeah, c’mon, look at this guy!”

But when asked if he and Willis --who wouldn’t say if she has a boyfriend-- could wind up in a “showmance,” Chmerkovskiy groaned, “Oh, please, don’t. This season is just about having fun.”

Willis confirmed, “I want to dance, have a great time and share an amazing experience with someone who will hopefully become my friend for a long time.”

On a more serious note Willis mused, “I’ve always wanted to learn how to dance and when someone presents the opportunity to have a professional teach you and not only that, but to get to maybe dance to some of your favorite songs, have your friends and a huge audience and America cheer you on, it’s incredible. It’s something I couldn’t pass up.”

She said she started watching “DWTS” recently “and I was really inspired by how people grew.”

They haven’t rehearsed for long, but so far, Willis thinks, “I need to learn how to not look down at the ground.”

“Mostly, I just want to get stronger [and] to be able to use the things that I learn on the show through my whole life [such as] how…to carry my body. It’s amazing the difference you can have when you stand up straight and you are talking to people as opposed to slouching over,” she said. “It really changes how people look at you.”

Chmerkovskiy said he’s he hopes to enjoy the experience instead of obsessing over winning the mirror ball with Willis:  “She’s awesome to work with and so easy to talk to….We’re having a blast.”