Believe it or not, Melissa Rauch has a racy past.

OK, so it’s nothing too scandalous, but the “The Big Bang Theory” star stopped by “Conan” on Wednesday night and shared a home video of her performing a not-so-age appropriate version of a raunchy tune from the musical “Chorus Line.”

She said her parents let her and her brother watch pretty much anything as long as it was “for art’s sake,” so the first musical she saw was “Chorus Line” and she decided to learn the show’s wildest tune.

The clip shows a young Rauch in a getup that reveals her stomach singing and dancing along to the explicit lyrics.

Her parents were impressed with her basement rendition of the racy number but she was quickly told -- despite her requests-- that she could not perform it in school’s talent show.

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“I was like ‘What? I killed it in the basement? Why can’t I do this out?’ And [my parents] like shut that down.”

[Warning: The video of the performance contains some explicit language.]