Brian Williams plays fast and loose with the truth, but apparently keeps a tight grip on his wallet.

The disgraced NBC newsman hasn’t given a dime to his old New Jersey high school, which is trying to raise enough dough just to stay open, principal Craig Palmer told The New York Post.

Middletown’s Mater Dei Prep warns it will be forced to shut its doors by June if it doesn’t raise enough cash. Earlier this month, supporters launched a campaign to raise $1 million.

The school has raised $427,000, but is still waiting to hear from its most famous graduate, according to Palmer.

Earlier this month, Williams, 55, said he was “heartbroken” when he learned of the school’s sorry financial state.

“It was the heart of my existence during my four happy years there, and it remains a presence in my life. I have friends who work there, and classmates who have since sent their own children to Mater Dei,” he told the Asbury Park Press.