Vanilla Ice is accumulating quite a rap sheet.

The '90s rapper was arrested Wednesday and charged with burglary and grand theft for a residential burglary that took place between December and February.

The rapper, whose real name is Robert Matthew Van Winkle, allegedly stole furniture, a pool heater, bicycles and other items from a Florida home he believed to be vacant, Lantana Police said in a statement.

"During the investigation, it was determined Robert Matthew Van Winkle played a role in the burglary and theft," police officials said. "Based on the evidence collected, witness statements and corroborating statements, Van Winkle was taken into custody and charged with Burglary Residence and Grand Theft."

According to police, Vanilla Ice met voluntarily with officials to provide a sworn statement and several of the stolen items were recovered at a residence under the control of the rapper. They have since been returned to the rightful owner.

TMZ reports the incident is related to the rapper's reality show, "The Vanilla Ice Project." The gossip site said Vanilla Ice thought it would make for good television to go to the home that he believed to be abandoned and take items.

Vanilla Ice rose to fame following the 1990 release of the hit song "Ice Ice Baby." In recent years, he has hosted "The Vanilla Ice Project" on DIY Network.

An email from Fox411 to Vanilla Ice's rep was not immediately returned.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.