‘The Brady Bunch’ star Barry Williams: 'I wanted to channel my inner Johnny Bravo'

Barry Williams talks 'Brady Bunch' and new reality show


Here’s a story, of a man named Brady… er Williams.

No this isn’t a ‘Brady Bunch’ reunion.  Barry Williams, better known as eldest son Greg Brady, has moved to Branson, Missouri to launch a 1970s musical variety show and invited a crew from TV network Great American Country along to document the process in his new show ‘A Very Barry Branson.’  

“This is something I’ve wanted to do my entire life.  I wanted to channel my inner ‘Johnny Bravo.’  So it’s a full scale musical variety show: live band, big cast, multimedia, interactive with the audience.  And I wanted to use 70s music mostly because I don’t want to memorize lyrics, and I know all the lyrics to all the songs from the 70s.  That’s where I grew up and that’s where my musical passion is.”

Williams talked about finding a home for his variety show and eventually settling on Branson, Missouri.  Saying that he was surprised by the big names he found connected with Branson and the unexpected realization he discovered once there.

“What I didn’t expect was that I was gonna fall in love with this area.  It’s a little bubble here in Missouri.  It’s in the Ozark Mountains.  And there’s this great energy and outdoor life and people are very open and it’s very Midwest in its kind of values and sensibility… I thought this is a great fit for me, I’m a Brady!  These are the people that kept ‘The Brady Bunch’ on the air.”

When asked if he still keeps in touch with the ‘Brady Bunch’ cast members, Williams admitted that it’s the thing he is the most proud of.

“We did the show from 1969 – 1974.  We’re all friends.  I’m in touch with all of them.  We see each other sometimes for conventions and different things.  Between texting and emailing we’ve maintained our friendships all these years.  Life-long, life-long friends.”  

Williams admits that he was “blown away” by the recent Snickers Super Bowl ad featuring Danny Trejo and the impact ‘The Brady Bunch’ has had after all these years.

“I had a link to a clip of this thing with Danny Trejo playing, I guess, the inner Marcia.  The angry, kind of frustrated ‘I gotta have a Snickers bar’ Marcia.  And I thought, ‘My gosh 45 years later.’  And I went, ‘Wait this is for the Super Bowl!’  150,000,000 people watching this.  How cool is that?”

Be sure to check out ‘A Very Barry Branson’ Thursday nights at 9pm ET premiering Thursday, Feb. 5 on Great American Country.