Roseanne Barr is not surprised by the ongoing Bill Cosby sex scandal, reports Rob Shuter of naughtygossip.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, the 65-year-old comedian was asked whether she was surprised by the numerous allegations filed against the Cosby. She simply replied, “No.”

“We’ve all heard it for a long time, and it surprises nobody,” she continued. “Like every woman in Hollywood – there’s hardly any hairdresser or waitresses or working women who don’t know somebody…we all know women who know somebody if not (someone) who (went) through it themselves with Bill Cosby.”

More than 20 women have come forward with claims that the beloved sitcom star was sexually abusive. Cosby has maintained his innocence and continued his comedy tour.

Despite Barr’s belief that he committed the acts, she still sees a possible future for the 77-year-old comedian.

"Maybe it's not the end of it," she said. "I have hopes for this great comic. I do. I have hopes that he would just make it clean, and make it, you know, make it right, and I do think he could do that."

"I hope he gets a lot of suggestions from people who say they care about him, of how to do that, 'cause we all want a happy ending, and a just ending,"  Barr continued. "Whatever it is, I hope he finds it, and I really do. I hope he finds it because, I mean, he's a great talent. It's too bad, but, I mean, we're all half-nuts anyway. But, I mean, we go like this, 'Hey, I made a mistake.' How hard is this really? Seriously... There's a million ways... But there's nothing more powerful than, 'I am sorry.'"