'Let's Get Married' singer allegedly shoved ring down fiancee's throat


 (2009 C Brandon)

Jagged Edge vocalist Kyle Norman landed himself in hot water with authorities on Thursday.

The “Let’s Get Married” singer, 38, faces aggravated assault charges following a domestic dispute with his fiancée on Thursday, reports Us Weekly.

Authorities were called to the couple’s Atlanta home after she called the police alleging Norman attacked her. She claims Norman choked her with a scarf, punched her and shoved her engagement ring down her throat. She says Norman also stole her car keys and broke her cell phone in the incident.

The victim told authorities that she tried to calm down her fiancé, who alleged told her “she was gonna die today,” in an effort to escape to nearby neighbors.

Once police arrived on the scene, Norman was spotted along the sidewalk shouting, “I need to go to jail.”

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