Late Night

Larry Wilmore takes on ‘American Sniper’ on ‘The Nightly Show’

Larry Wilmore’s "The Nightly Show" focused on "American Sniper" Monday night, including two Iraq vets on his panel, one of whom was a sniper.

Wilmore spoke with the panel that weighed in on the controversy surrounding the film, but the episode ended with kind of a thud, when Wilmore took his "Keep It 100" question: If you knew it would guarantee massive success of your show, would you do a tour in Afghanistan as a soldier?

“I would do a tour as a soldier, whether or not it has to do with my show or not. That's just how I feel about it,” Wilmore said, adding, “I don't care whether it has to do with my show. I would do a tour if I was called to. There you go.”

Wild applause from his studio audience. Then, he added, “but not at 53.” Wilmore wisely added that maybe he deserved a bag of weak tea which Wimore hands out to panelists who fail to give “100” answers to questions he puts to them during the show for that answer.

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