'Duck Dynasty's' Alan Robertson past includes drugs and lots of sex

August 22, 2013. Alan Robertson from "Duck Dynasty."

August 22, 2013. Alan Robertson from "Duck Dynasty."  (Russell A. Graves)

In “A New Season,” Alan and Lisa Robertson catalogue their bumpy marriage which includes Lisa having two affairs – one emotional and one sexual. But the eldest Robertson son has his own wild past reports Rob Shuter of

The “Duck Dynasty” star admits that he had a promiscuous and wild youth which included an excessive use of condoms! When he was a teen, an old girlfriend’s father visited his parents to talk about his clogged pipes.

“His plumber had blamed the clogged pipes on all the condoms that had been flushed down the toilet while my girlfriend and I were dating,” he writes.

Robertson also opens up about using speed and having a relationship with a married nurse who told him she was separated. Unfortunately her husband discovered the affair and came after Robertson with a crowbar. He managed to escape, hiding in the candy aisle of a convenience store.