‘Taken 3′ gun supplier blasts Liam Neeson for comments

To protect its Second Amendment rights, a handgun manufacturer is blasting Liam Neeson for exercising his First Amendment rights. "Theres too many f--king guns out there," the actor said recently. "I think the (U.S.) population is like 320 million. Theres over 300 million guns privately owned in America. I think its a f--king disgrace."

In response, North Carolina-based PARA USA — which supplied guns Neeson’s hit film "Taken 3" but now “regrets its decision” — is calling on the firearms industry not to provide guns to his movies. "[We] ask that our friends and partners in Hollywood refrain from associating our brand and products with his projects,” the firm said in a Facebook post. “We encourage our partners and friends in the firearms industry to do the same."

Neeson, whose "Taken" trilogy is filled with gun violence, thinks guns onscreen are just fine. "I grew up watching cowboy movies," he said. “Loved doing that (gun gesture) with my fingers, Bang, bang, you’re dead! I didn't end up a killer."

Late-blooming action hero Neeson’s hit parade continues March 13 with "Run All Night," in which he plays a graying assassin who gets in deep with his longtime mob boss and comes out firing.