Sunny Sweeney helps military veteran reunite with lost ring

  • Country music singer Sunny Sweeney.

    Country music singer Sunny Sweeney.  (Jon Paul Bruno)

  • The ring that Sunny Sweeney helped reunite with its owner.

    The ring that Sunny Sweeney helped reunite with its owner.  (Courtesy Sunny Sweeney)

When Sunny Sweeney's mother asked her to post a picture of a military ring her aunt found in a hotel room on Facebook, the country singer happily obliged.

"My aunt found it and was talking to mom who said, 'Sunny has a lot of fans on Facebook,' so they asked me to post it and I was like, 'Sure, of course!'," Sweeney told FOX411 Country. "I thought, 'Maybe, maybe not we'll find the owner.'"

While Sweeney anticipated the post to garner some attention, she did not expect to find the ring's owner one day after sharing it on Facebook.

"This girl Allison writes me back literally within a day and says it's her fiance's ring," the "Provoked" singer recalled. After the woman verified the inscription and initials on the ring that Sweeney omitted from her post, she shipped it to the couple.

"Her fiance messaged me and he was like, 'You don't even understand. In two days, it's the 10 year anniversary of my ship date to Iraq.' And the day they got the ring in the mail, was his exact ship date," said Sweeney. "I'm not all earthy and stuff, but you really truly can't write that stuff."

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This isn't the first time one of the Texas native's posts has gone viral. In Oct. 2014, Sweeney shared an intimate moment she captured at a Las Vegas airport of a stranger thanking a young soldier in uniform.

"I see this young guy in a soldier uniform and think, 'Wow his day,' it gives me a  reality check and I'm in a bad mood but he's fixing to go to Iraq maybe," she said of what inspired her to take the picture. "The troops right now, law enforcement [officials], they just need a moral boost because of everything going on," said the Sweeney who is married to a police officer.

Sweeney is currently on select dates for Miranda Lambert's Certified Platinum tour.

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